TechSpeed lets you enjoy lightning fast speeds and reliability for one low monthly price. Download email, movies, music, and web content faster than traditional cable or DSL services have to offer. Be able to upload your content to YouTube or Facebook without the constraints of slower upload speeds. Do all of this without the restrictions of imposing data limitations. All this and FREE 24/7 technical support starting at $55.00. Bundle your TechSpeed connection with one of our other TechTV or TechVoice service packages to save even more money. Click here to view these other great offers.


We are proud to announce that we are partnering with Plume to bring Tech WiFi to your home! Tech WiFi brings full mesh WiFi coverage to your entire home. Easy to set up using the Plume app, you can now monitor and control your network all from your smartphone. The Plume app is loaded with features: managing connected devices, passive speed testing, parental controls, ad blocking, and more. The Plume app puts you in control. Tech WiFi starting at $5.00/mo! Additional pods $3.00/mo each. Check out the video below for more info!

What is Plume?

Frequently Asked Questions

Plume is our technology partner in bringing managed home WiFi to our customers. We chose them because their cutting-edge software and hardware provides a home WiFi experience that is miles ahead of anything else available today.

Tech WiFi includes 1 Pod ($3 per additional pod) that provides mesh WiFi, management of connected devices, passive speedtests, parental controls, advanced smart home protection, adblocking, and more WiFi management tools.

Yes. With Tech WiFi you will get at least 1 Pod that will provide WiFi coverage. Adding more Pods can provide complete mesh coverage for your entire home.

Most homes can have complete coverage with 2 Pods. Smaller homes can work with just one and multi story homes can use 3+. The Plume app will assist you during setup with Pod placement and connection strength so you can have the perfect amount of Pods in your home.